Don’t Buy Gaming Laptops from Alibaba or Wish

fake quora laptops on alibaba
fake quora laptops on alibaba

I get it, you are a budget-conscious shopper or can’t afford the price of a real gaming laptop – I’m the same way. I’ve gone down the rabbit hole of looking at cheap, enticing prices on Alibaba or Wish, thinking it’s a great idea.

News flash, it’s not.

Laptops on Alibaba and Wish are generally not safe to buy. They almost always have misleading descriptions, false product shots, or the item is never delivered after you make the purchase. A general rule of thumb: if the price looks too good to be true, it is too good to be true and should be regarded as a scam.

Even if the laptop is safe to purchase, there are a number of other factors that should deter you from hitting that buy button, and we’ll go over those in this article as well.

Is Alibaba trustworthy?

It happens to everyone. You saw an ad somewhere about something being sold cheaply. And when you click on it, guess where you end up? Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce giant. is one of the biggest global B2B e-commerce platforms. It has an extensive product range, making it a great place for small businesses to source their supplies from manufacturers and retailers.

Note that Alibaba does not make or own any product. They are just a platform that connects small businesses and customers. For example, that PC accessories shop in your town probably orders stuff from China, and perhaps does it through Alibaba.

So the question you should ask is this: is the seller you’re buying from trustworthy?

Scammers’ Heaven

Apart from their B2B platform, they also host a C2C and B2C platform. But despite all their effort, Alibaba’s B2C platform still remains infamous for fake and low-quality products.

It’s easy for scammers to create an Alibaba account by making up a fake company. Usually, these fake “companies” will have less than 10 people or less, and sometimes the whole thing is bogus. They then try to improve their rank by cheating or exploiting the system, sometimes actually selling good stuff. And when they have got enough trust ratings or appear on the first page of Alibaba, they start scamming people.

Most scammers will ask you to pay them directly instead of going through Alibaba. Never do that!

Any electronics on those Chinese wholesale websites are an absolute scam. You will spend a fraction of a price, for a fraction of the performance. Typically electronics on those websites are cheap Chinese junk with a fake label slapped on it.

A disappointed buyer

Here’s another screenshot I found on Quora:

Fake Products on Alibaba (Credit: Link)

As you can see, both of the products are fake, a $360 Razer Blade Pro is definitely not legit. These are just clickbait to attract people and convince them to make a purchase.

Low quality products

Not all companies are scams. There are companies that sell Chinese brand machines. But we all know very well how bad those can be. Very often people receive broken or fake items, and many reported that they never received any compensation.

No guarantee or waranty

Also bear in mind that these products are likely sold without any warranty outside of China (possibly even inside China). So if you have any problem with the machine, you are on your own. That is a serious consideration because Chinese machines are not as reliable as the ones from major companies.

Is Wish Safe?

Wish is the popular name for budget-shopping in the US. They offer products at insanely cheap rates, often with 80 or 90 percent discounts. But is it trustworthy?

Safe, but not reliable

Despite its unbelievable prices, Wish is completely legit. They are able to do this because most of the products on the platform come directly from abroad – from countries like China, Vietnam, Indonesia where prices are low. They also keep the import cost low by using slower methods. That’s one reason you’ll receive a product weeks after ordering.

And there’s no guarantee that the product will work after you receive them. Most don’t come with any guarantee, so you’ll be on your own if things go south.

Our say is, for something like a gaming laptop that costs normally a thousand bucks, you don’t want to buy without a warranty. Don’t buy laptops or other pricey stuff from Wish, they aren’t as reliable as Amazon or NewEgg.

Brand Matters

Not all Chinese goods are bad. It depends on whether the company manufacturing them is reliable. And when it comes to laptops, the brand is a lot of things. For starters, support. A prominent manufacturer will regularly provide driver updates so that your laptop stays up-to-date and secure.

Besides, a laptop consists of many intricate parts, and these parts can break anytime. This is why most authentic brands provide a warranty of one or two years. Most cover hardware problems that were not caused by the owner, such as defective keyboards, monitor problems, etc. Even if something went wrong because of you, you can fix it with someone expert.

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