Fix: Laptop Runs Slow When Plugged In

Laptops are designed to maximize performance on AC power and conserve power when running on battery. But if your laptop runs slow when plugged in, clearly something is wrong. Most likely your power plan settings in Windows are badly configured.

Here we have compiled a few potential fixes for the problem. Hope it helps!

How do I make my laptop run faster when plugged in?

While plugged in, your laptop by default prefers performance over battery. If yours is doing the opposite, maybe it’s just badly configured. you can make your notebook run fast again by reconfiguring settings in a few places:

Check your Power plan settings

This is often the first thing to check when you have power-related issues. Open Windows search, type “edit power plan”, and open it.

FInding Power Plan settings
Image: Finding Power plan settings editor.

The following window will apear:

Editing power plan settings to fix a slow running laptop.
Image: Edit power settings window.

Click “Restore default settings for this plan”, hit yes in the confirmation window. The problem should be gone.

Reset UEFI / BIOS settings

UEFI or BIOS is a piece of software that performs hardware initializations. In English, the software turns on your laptop and starts the OS when you push the power button.

Some laptops have power management features in the UEFI / BIOS. They can be the reason your laptop runs slow when plugged in. So it’s always a good idea to reset BIOS settings.

You can access BIOS settings when the laptop boots. You have to press specific keys (commonly Esc, Del, F12, etc). Just google how to reset bios for different laptop brands, there are tons of how-tos.

Reinstall Windows

If it doesn’t fix the issue, reinstall windows. Backup your data, delete installed version of windows and install a fresh copy. This makes sure that any software issue isn’t causing the problem.

Seek expert help

If Nothing worked, maybe your laptop has hardware problems. In that case, you should go find an expert.

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